A9 Squash As Cartridge Japan Air Spencer/ Freshener by Eikosha

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  • A refreshing lime soda scent.A masterpiece of refreshing citrus scent based on natural orange and tangerine.
    The scent of squeezed fresh lime expresses a sparkling scent and accentuates the scent of soda, making it ideal for refreshing air spencer squash.

  • Product size : ~W70 x H22 x D70mm
  • Content: ~40g
  • Manufacturer: 100% Authentic by Eikosha Inc.
  • Scent: Squash . A refreshing scent.
  • Ingredients : Fragrance / Deodorant
  • Others:
  • 1 cartridge included 
  • made in Japan
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks (last varies depending on the season and conditions of use)
  • cautions : sharpe can edge, open with care.

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