Giga Clips Bontanical Shower Scent Japanese Air Freshener/ Spencer By Eikosha

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Giga Clips Bontanical Shower Scent
Simple and functional refillable design.
  • Manufacturer:¬†100% Authentic by Eikosha Inc
  • Scent: ¬†Bontanical Shower Scent.¬† Floral bouquet (muguet,rose) with fruity green.
  • Installation:¬†Easily clipped on air vent. A¬†fresh smell once the vent system is on.
  • Control:¬†Strength of scent controlled by an adjustable knob on the side.
  • Others:
  • Last up to 6 weeks
  • Made in Japan by Eikosha
  • Case & 2 cartridges included¬†
  • Refills sold separately
  • Approximate Dimension: 8 x 2 x 2 cm¬†

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